diana delgado

My current work is as much about the simplicity of raw gesture and color as it is about pulling forth objects, interiors and animals from those gestures.

love her use of unusual materials, especially in her older work…see more here.

rocks and minerals

welcome to art bite’s very first post!!!

i recently visited the carnegie museum of art in pittsburgh to see the carnegie international. i have to say, i wasn’t as impressed with the international as i have been in previous years, so i headed over to the carnegie museum of natural history–the two museums are attached, how cool is that!! anyway, i was completely blown away by the rocks and minerals collection. of course, i have seen such things before, but this time i saw something different, each piece is a wonder, another world. sculptural forms, color, pattern, texture-the inspiration for art making is endless…

see more here and here and here.

save the date!!

2014 calendar, vintage calendar template for April. Vector illus

ART BITE will officially launch on april 1, 2014!!!

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