friday fragments

some flowers you may not find in your garden this spring…

1. Corpse Flower, bodiless, stemless, leafless and rootless, it requires the vine for its nourishment and support. It emits a pungent rotten flesh smell, which attracts flies and beetles to pollinate it. 2. Banana Tree Flower, according to Philippine folklore, the heart of the banana tree contains an magical charm that drops out of it at the stroke of midnight and whoever catches the charm in his mouth would be endowed with supernatural powers; that is, if he survives the mystical creatures who try to take the charm from him. 3. Baobab Flower, extremely large pendulous flowers which give way to ‘superfruits’ that contain 50% more calcium than spinach, are high in antioxidants, and have three times the vitamin C of an orange.

fun little tidbits to start your weekend off right…enjoy and be inspired!

roanna wells

“By eliminating all other context, the location and situation reference, focus is purely on the spontaneous pattern and self-organisation of the individuals in relation to the event. Inspiration is taken not only from the geographical context and current topical relevance of the image, but also the aesthetic composition of the emerging patterns.”

Roanna Wells is a fine artist based in Sheffield, UK. Her artistic practice has developed from her training in embroidery, through both traditional technical skills and the conceptual use of mark making and expressive line. She has always been fascinated by the similarities and differences between the effect of a pen on paper, and a thread on fabric, and has used this inspiration as the main focus of her work.

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SEM images

A scanning electron microscope (SEM) is a type of electron microscope that produces images of a sample by scanning it with a focused beam of electrons, which interact with atoms in the sample. this interaction produces various signals that can be detected and that contain information about the sample’s surface topography and composition, allowing us to see these amazing patterns, forms and textures that could have only been imagined before this wonderful technology was invented.

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friday fragments

1. yarns, 2. willis elkins collected over 1900 disposable lighters from 47 different waterfront locations throughout nyc from august 2010 to may 2011..see more here, 3. silk wedding flowers by lyndie dourthe…see more here.

fun little tidbits to start your weekend off right…enjoy and be inspired!

wilting flowers

i began appreciating the beauty of wilting flowers (even the fake ones) when i used to run in the cemetery near my home. for years since, i have been photographing and collecting images of memorial flowers, wilting and dead flowers. the association to memorial intrigues me as well as the allusion to cyclical life and of course, their haunting sadness and perpetual elegance.

friday fragments

1. A frost flower is created on autumn or early winter mornings when ice in extremely thin layers is pushed out from the stems of plants or occasionally wood…see more here. 2. very rare white zebra…see more here. 3. Silicified “Ghost trees” Upper Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming by adam jones…see more here.

fun little tidbits to start your weekend off right…enjoy and be inspired!


the repetitive action of making a stack is satisfying in it’s manual labor, allowing us to control and order the chaos of a certain area or group, allows us to handle, organize and eliminate material, add structure, build and accrue, create verticality, appreciate on an intimate level the material and it’s tactility…getting lost in the layers, viewing the material on it’s side gives us a different perspective of a familiar material and allows us to appreciate the depth of the pile while the surface of the material is obscured, referencing architecture, construction, assembly, cell structure…