hot pink

a while ago, i did a painting with some hot pink-not a lot of hot pink, but just enough. it got a lot of interest at the gallery where it was housed and the feedback was always, ‘the client really likes the painting, but they just aren’t sure they can live with the pink.’

artists don’t pick colors to match the sofas of their collectors.

eventually, my painting sold and also graces the cover of encaustic art by jennifer margell.

i’m in love with hot pink, it still remains one of the first colors i reach for…it just makes me happy.

1. slime mold…here   2. flamingos…here   3. an evaporation pond bordering mowry slough in south san francisco bay. the color of the water is caused by halophilic   4. nicole andrijevic and tanya schultz, a.k.a. pip and pop…here   5. photographer, bruno suet…here  6. aino-maija metsola for marimekko…here   7. pink passion, 2011, irene suarez-model, rebeca saray-photographer…here    8. scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of butterfly wing scales…here

charles dwyer

i’m embarrassed to say, i just discovered this artist and i’m so in love with this work-i thought these paintings were current when i first saw them, but most are from the early 60’s-70’s. the use of collage, texture, grafitti-like gesture, layers, tattoos, deconstruction-so way ahead of it’s time.

see more here.

and while i was poking around, i found amazing images of his home here.

silvery white

loving the combination….

staircase by aurelien villette…here, Paper Weaving by Elisa Strozyk…here, Hairstyle by Andreas-H, ornament, Ying Gao, technology driven clothing that responds to sounds, voices and human presence…here, Anselm Kiefer, Zweistormland: TheHighPriestess, Detail, 1986-89, lead books…here.