Fabric Pattern & Image 1 Final Projects

Missy Furman, hand dyed, rust printed, hand sewn, hand made chainmaille

Elyse Roat, indigo and synthetic dyed fabrics, machine pieced, hand quilted

Lucy Davenny, hand dyed, bleach painted, hand stitch

Margie Ricchezza, hand dyed, pieced, stitched

Jackie Rosenzweig, hand dyed, pieced, embellished

Maddy Greco, ice dyed fabric, screen printed, sewn

Shea Lohss, hand dyed fabric, hand cut, beaded, painted and sewn embellishment

Annabelle Weidorn, hand dyed, screen printed fabric with thermal pigment

Rachel Cosgrove, hand dyed fabric, collage, felt, beads, mixed media

Ashley Blubaugh, hand dyed fabric, machine stitched Solvy doilies

Tori Tisot, hand dyed fabric, stuffed, sewn

Rose Schisler, hand dyed fabric, pieced

Ari Flood, hand dyed fabric, found fabric, tea stained, sewn

Fabric Pattern & Image II Final Projects

Julia Haines
Flowers, Ashes, Blood
hand dyed, rust printed fabrics, hand constructed, sewn garments and head garland, mixed media, hand made book
Photo Credit: Abigail Muth

Mikaila Brennan
natural dyes, compost printed fabrics, hand constructed, sewn garments
Model: Lauren Michelle

Noble Stultz
Sculptural Chair
Hand dyed, stuffed and constructed

Esther Scanlon
All I Need is in this Bag
Found garments, hand dyed, mended, repurposed, hand made book

Inspired by…Layers

Busy in the studio and in the final weeks of the semester teaching at Tyler, but I have some exciting posts coming up soon. In the meantime, enjoy some inspiration pics from my ‘Layered’ board on Pinterest


Final projects from my Fabric Pattern & Image 2 Course in the Fiber & Materials Studies Department at Tyler School of Art, Temple University.


Final projects from my Fabric Pattern & Image 1 Course in the Fiber & Materials Studies Department at Tyler School of Art, Temple University.

carin ingalsbe


carin ingalsbe writes…

All things have a life and time line. With utilitarian things, the life of an object presents itself through the wear and tear of use. My current interest in photographing vintage clothing began with my desire to capture different aspects of the breakdown of a garment. Like African art, pieces of clothing are meant to be used until they are no longer usable. My desire to capture a moment in the life of a garment before it deteriorates is a way to understand each article of clothing and where it has been.

When I photograph a garment, I find its essence through handling it and working with it over a period of time. Sometimes the soul of the piece is revealed by turning it inside out or backwards.

The ballet presents a unique opportunity. Each garment expresses itself through an invaluable patina that has evolved through the course of incredibly talented dancers using these costumes. The journey that a costume takes is a singular road that cannot be duplicated. Because the costumes are threadbare and torn, they are, by definition, spent. My desire to reveal the value of each piece by rediscovering its pedigree is one that I hope comes through in my work. The evidence of use that each costume has sustained is the very thing that makes it worth considering. 

The attention to detail in the design of these costumes is staggering. Much of the nuance is impossible to see from the perspective of the audience. Perhaps the creators of these costumes intended to pay tribute to the dancers, elevating their experience through an intricately worked garment which beckons them to the role that they are about to perform.

i could look at her work all day…see more here.

hot pink

a while ago, i did a painting with some hot pink-not a lot of hot pink, but just enough. it got a lot of interest at the gallery where it was housed and the feedback was always, ‘the client really likes the painting, but they just aren’t sure they can live with the pink.’

artists don’t pick colors to match the sofas of their collectors.

eventually, my painting sold and also graces the cover of encaustic art by jennifer margell.

i’m in love with hot pink, it still remains one of the first colors i reach for…it just makes me happy.

1. slime mold…here   2. flamingos…here   3. an evaporation pond bordering mowry slough in south san francisco bay. the color of the water is caused by halophilic micro-organisms...here   4. nicole andrijevic and tanya schultz, a.k.a. pip and pop…here   5. photographer, bruno suet…here  6. aino-maija metsola for marimekko…here   7. pink passion, 2011, irene suarez-model, rebeca saray-photographer…here    8. scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of butterfly wing scales…here