July 3- 8
Cullowhee Mountain Arts
Western Carolina University
Cullowhee, NC

This was such a fun workshop last year with excellent facilities and a dynamic environment with additional painting and writing workshops going on simultaneously, there is so much to do and learn in one week. I’m so looking forward to returning to this beautiful campus again this year.

Work from last year’s Pattern & Line workshops.

Five days allows intensive time for critique, learning, applying and expanding on your current work to not only learn valuable techniques, but to grow exponentially as an artist.

The repeated use of a shape, color or design element unifies composition, creates pattern, rhythm and movement as well as reinforces content. Lines lead the eye and communicate information through variation in width, direction, density, length and character. T his workshop focuses on the creation of intricate patterns, expressive personal surfaces and complex, multi-layered pieces utilizing and in combination with encaustic painting techniques. With an emphasis on mixed media, methods and materials covered in this workshop include the use of organic and geometric form, realistic and abstract imagery, patterned collage, stencils, drawing with horse hair, branding (creating marks with heated metal and wood burning tools) as well as creating your own grids, laces and lacelike forms using free motion sewing machine embroidery on water soluble stabilizer . Considerations such as using pattern and repetition as content itself, to tell a story, support and/or strengthen the content message will also be discussed. Most encaustic supplies/equipment and a sewing machine will be included for class use.

Author: lorraineglessner

I'm a mixed media artist, workshop instructor and former assistant professor at tyler school of art in Philadelphia, PA.


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