Workshop Work

Enjoy some student work highlights from my Encaustic Conference Workshop, Encaustic Pattern & Repetition and my workshop at Society for Contemporary Craft, Encaustic Pattern & Line.

Off to the lovely land of Cullowhee Mountain Arts in North Carolina next week to teach Encaustic Pattern & Line. There are some spots left and still some time to sign up!

Inspired by….Herring Cove, Cape Cod, Part 2

Part 2 of my dune hike inspiration is also focused on Herring Cove Beach where the parking lot is slowly sinking into the sea. I have no idea what happened here, but it was probably the result of protective dunes being washed away by a storm. It was a cloudy day with strong wind and currents, which made the sea look even angrier and the asphalt appear malleable and as black as lava. The contrast of the lead gray sky, dark water, white foam and black asphalt is truly brilliant, not to mention the painted white parking outline and the bright yellow barriers which added a touch of reality to a seriously surreal scene. It’s devastating to look at, but there is true beauty in this vulnerability and in the intense power of nature.

See Part 1 images here.

Inspired by…Herring Cove, Cape Cod, Part 1

Last week I was in gorgeous Provincetown, Cape Cod for the 10th International Encaustic Conference. I had three whole days to kill between the conference festivities and the post conference workshop I was teaching, so I went on a 6 mile hike adventure in the dunes by Herring Cove Beach.

When I hike, I take pictures with my phone of anything that strikes me, usually landscape-y kinds of things. But on this trip, there were two areas that stuck with me that I couldn’t stop photographing.

The first were these little found drawings of rose petals (roses grow wild on Cape Cod) and other natural detritus. As I walked, I was struck by how interestingly balanced were the compositions and materials in these little vignettes and all of them naturally shaped by the wind. All of the images shown here are exactly how I found them, I didn’t change them in any way. They will likely somehow find their way into paintings.

Stay tuned for next week’s post for the second group of images.


Materials, Method & Process Encaustic Conference Lecture Links to Artists

Below are links to the artists work and videos which were included or referenced in my talk, Materials, Methods & Process, presented at the Tenth International Encaustic Conference this weekend in beautiful Provincetown, MA.
Many thanks to the wonderful people who attended the lecture and participated in the lively discussion afterward. I am grateful for all of you.

To understand what is meant by the word process is simply to define it and and then apply this definition to the making of art.

Process is simply defined as a series of actions and artists who use process in their work seem to posses a strong sense of connection to their materials. Despite this connection, there always remains a struggle over control between the maker and the material. It is within this struggle and acquiescence, that, In some cases may serve as a catalyst for new discoveries. One reason is that process eliminates the burden of decision making and over thinking the work, therefore allowing the artist to move freely within simple confines to explore the inherent properties of their materials in new and exciting ways.

Part I: Process & The Single Act

Jackson Pollack
Liz Sargent
Pip Culbert
Todd McClellen
Elana Herzog
Elizabeth Simonson
John Franzen
John Franzen Video
Elisa D’Arrigo
Il Lee

Part II: Process & Rules: A Blend of Art & Science

Matthew Barney
Tony Orrico
Tony Orrico 8 Circles video
Tony Orrico Penwald Series Video
Elizabeth Hoak Doering
Niall Mcclelland
Alexis Harding
James Siena
Jaq Chartier

Part III: Process & Collection

Candy Jernigan
Leonardo Drew
Portia Munson
Simon Evans


When you repeat an action again and again, you produce an effect of certainty or security in the viewers mind. You are not trying discover something or convince yourself. You’re dealing with certainty then as a formal concern and that soothes the viewer.
~Jackie Winsor


July 3- 8
Cullowhee Mountain Arts
Western Carolina University
Cullowhee, NC

This was such a fun workshop last year with excellent facilities and a dynamic environment with additional painting and writing workshops going on simultaneously, there is so much to do and learn in one week. I’m so looking forward to returning to this beautiful campus again this year.

Work from last year’s Pattern & Line workshops.

Five days allows intensive time for critique, learning, applying and expanding on your current work to not only learn valuable techniques, but to grow exponentially as an artist.

The repeated use of a shape, color or design element unifies composition, creates pattern, rhythm and movement as well as reinforces content. Lines lead the eye and communicate information through variation in width, direction, density, length and character. T his workshop focuses on the creation of intricate patterns, expressive personal surfaces and complex, multi-layered pieces utilizing and in combination with encaustic painting techniques. With an emphasis on mixed media, methods and materials covered in this workshop include the use of organic and geometric form, realistic and abstract imagery, patterned collage, stencils, drawing with horse hair, branding (creating marks with heated metal and wood burning tools) as well as creating your own grids, laces and lacelike forms using free motion sewing machine embroidery on water soluble stabilizer . Considerations such as using pattern and repetition as content itself, to tell a story, support and/or strengthen the content message will also be discussed. Most encaustic supplies/equipment and a sewing machine will be included for class use.