Fabric Pattern & Image II Final Projects

Julia Haines
Flowers, Ashes, Blood
hand dyed, rust printed fabrics, hand constructed, sewn garments and head garland, mixed media, hand made book
Photo Credit: Abigail Muth

Mikaila Brennan
natural dyes, compost printed fabrics, hand constructed, sewn garments
Model: Lauren Michelle

Noble Stultz
Sculptural Chair
Hand dyed, stuffed and constructed

Esther Scanlon
All I Need is in this Bag
Found garments, hand dyed, mended, repurposed, hand made book

Author: lorraineglessner

I'm a mixed media artist, workshop instructor and former assistant professor at tyler school of art in Philadelphia, PA.

2 thoughts on “Fabric Pattern & Image II Final Projects”

  1. These are great. Though “blood” in Julia’s creeps me out some. Was that the red of the scarf/veil? Mikailas shots were great. They were all creative in their presentation tand he styled shots they took! Nobles’s was …”wormy” or …”penisy”? Probably comfortable to sit in! Thought Esther’s was the most interesting…(then Noble’s). Was it strictly installation or were any things made to also wear? Love looking at what your students’ projects are! XO Christine


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