happy summer!

i will be taking the next two months off from blogging and will return in early september with lots of exciting new posts!

i will leave to drive from philadelphia to wyoming (an adventure in and of itself) in mid july for jentel artists residency and will be there until mid-august, making lots of exciting new work that i will post about when i return.

i have plans for what i would like to work on during the residency, but it’s my first residency and i’ve heard from a lot of artists who have done residencies that your plans pretty much go out the window once you get there. the paintings above are ideas i’ve been playing around with and will develop during the residency…among other ideas in my head…but i will keep those a secret for now. i will also do lots and lots of hiking, picture taking, reading and writing. blog posts and facebook posts will be at a minimum because of limited internet service where i’m going. this will be a difficult thing to get used to, but will definitely help me to focus in the studio and focus is why i’m going in the first place.

have a productive, happy, healthy and creative summer!