peters valley encaustic workshop highlights

i love teaching. i love teaching workshops. i especially love teaching encaustic workshops with fun and enthusiastic groups of like-minded people with a penchant for pattern and surface, who just love to work and learn and grow-from me as well as from each other. my recent 5 day workshop at peters valley school of craft was made up of just that kind of group-all professional artists or professional artists in the making-three tyler school of art glass majors. everyone experimented, everyone worked hard, everyone learned…including me.

1. one of two professional ceramicists was so prolific i could write this entire blog post about her alone…just two of her amazing paintings.

2. a pattern heavy series of paintings exploring eyes.

3. my workshop assistant and tyler student incorporating a found snake skin with pattern exploring ideas of travel.

4 & 5. another tyler student with an affinity for collage and pattern as well as a great sense humor, also worked on found wood from the wood shop scrap pile. third tyler student was in love with repetitive and decorative pattern.

7. a line up of first day exquisite corpse drawings.

8. the tyler glass majors got everyone interested in exploiting the transparency of wax by working on glass and plexi-glass panels. this participant was especially adept and created an amazing series of paintings inspired by the surrounding landscape. i especially love how the landscape is reflected in the glass in this image.

9 . my other professional ceramicist interested in home, memory and time beautifully utilized the layering potential of wax and collage techniques on her bisque pieces.

10. a lovely collage utilizing hair and texture.

11. the whole group with their favorite pieces.

Author: lorraineglessner

I'm a mixed media artist, workshop instructor and former assistant professor at tyler school of art in Philadelphia, PA.

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