out of the box workshop highlights


my friend kirsten stingle and i were brainstorming one day and came up with the idea to collaboratively teach a workshop called out of the box: exploring mixed media narratives in clay and encaustic. we combined her expertise of using clay and found objects with my expertise of encaustic and mixed media to create narrative. once the idea was in the air, it took on a life of it’s own..descriptions written, publicity sent out and suddenly we had a full workshop! we were so excited to teach together and it was an enormous success with some amazing work created by some amazing participants.

on the first day we began with an exquisite corpse using words and image and the participants could use these drawings as a starting point for their narrative. at the end of the first day, we all went to an indoor flea market to collect cool found objects to use in the work. kirsten got an amazing vintage bingo machine that actually still works and i got the bingo cards! other materials and techniques we covered during the 3 days were mold-making with some amazing stuff called knead a mold, basic encaustic, drawing with horsehair and branding, working 3-dimensionally with fabric and encaustic and stitch. most of the participants are professional artists and true materials junkies-everyone had something to share with the group and everyone learned something new.

this workshop was a huge success and kirsten and i are already planning another collaborative teaching experience…stay tuned!

1. my workshop ‘gift’ to myself are these vintage bingo cards, i’m totally intrigued by the dates and markings on the backs of the cards.

2. the workshop material find of the weekend was knead a mold..pictured here are clay pieces and found objects we made molds from and some poured wax casts made from the molds…the creative possibilities are endless.

3 & 4. really great found object encaustic collage paintings.

5. kirsten’s awesomely vacuous studio.

6. kirsten happily demonstrating knead a mold.

7. a really great ‘in the box’ narrative collage using encaustic and found objects.

8. starting to create a frilly skirt of ribbon and encaustic on clay sculpture.

9. some branding and encaustic experiments.

Author: lorraineglessner

I'm a mixed media artist, workshop instructor and former assistant professor at tyler school of art in Philadelphia, PA.

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