swept away exhibition opening

swept away: translucence, transparence, transcendence in contemporary encaustic opened this week at the hunterdon museum of art. the show, originally curated by michael giaquinto and shown at the cape cod museum of art last year, has since traveled to it’s current venue. some of the pieces from the original show were sold and replaced with similar work by the same artist, so the show is basically the same.

the exhibition at the hunterdon is expertly hung, with the grouping and pairing of the work such that each brings out the most interesting aspects of the other. originally, a flour mill rebuilt after a fire in 1836, the building and exhibition spaces are quite unique. the spacious airiness of the main exhibition space shows the work off beautifully and allows the viewer to comfortably appreciate each piece individually as well as the exhibition as a whole.

i’ve chosen some of my best images of the exhibition here, however, not all of the works are included–mingling and documenting at an opening is a skill i have yet to master. the exhibition is open until september 7, but if you can’t get to the museum to see the show, you can see the whole exhibition by way of the very reasonably priced catalogue here and the catalogue of the original exhibition at the cape cod museum of art here.

1. gregory wright’s and nancy natale’s bright, welcoming pieces at the entrance to the exhibition.

2. cherie mittenthal, sara mast, tracy adams and binnie birstein.

3. lynda ray, howard hersh and marybeth rothman.

4. milisa galazzi and paula roland.

5. love this piece by donna hamil talman.

6. love the juxtaposition of david a. clark’s piece and the exit sign.

7. i first saw this piece of lorrie fredette’s work in a book and it still remains one of my favorites.

8. dawna bemis, elise wagner, david a clark and elena de la ville.

9. one of my favorite karen freedman pieces.

10. loving the palette in joanne mattera’s work.

11. lisa pressman and linda cordner.

12. i love how jane guthridge’s and my piece talk to each other. not pictured, on the other side of my piece is toby sisson’s lovely black and white piece seen here that beautifully compliments the threesome.

another excellent blog post on joanna mattera’s blog has some great images of the installation here.

Author: lorraineglessner

I'm a mixed media artist, workshop instructor and former assistant professor at tyler school of art in Philadelphia, PA.

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